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Sep 17, 2020
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Welcome to Anza Blades, your trusted source for high-end outdoor power equipment. We are proud to introduce the Toro 12 60V MAX* (2.5 ah) Electric Battery Power Shovel - a revolutionary snow removal tool that combines cutting-edge technology with exceptional performance.

Product Overview

The Toro 12 60V MAX* Electric Battery Power Shovel is the ultimate solution for efficient snow removal. Whether you're clearing your driveway, porch, or walkways, this power shovel will make your winter chores a breeze.

Key Features

  • Powerful Battery: Equipped with a 60V MAX* (2.5 ah) battery, the Toro power shovel delivers long-lasting performance, ensuring you can tackle even the toughest snow conditions.
  • Compact Design: The compact and lightweight design makes it easy to maneuver and store, allowing you to reach tight spaces with ease.
  • Efficient Snow Throw: With its 12-inch clearing width and 6-inch clearing depth, the power shovel efficiently removes snow, saving you time and effort.
  • User-Friendly Controls: The Toro power shovel features intuitive controls, including an adjustable handle height and an ergonomic grip for enhanced comfort during use.
  • Durable Construction: Built to last, the power shovel boasts a sturdy construction that can withstand harsh winter conditions, ensuring years of reliable performance.

How to Use the Toro 12 60V MAX* Electric Battery Power Shovel

Using the Toro 12 60V MAX* Electric Battery Power Shovel is incredibly easy. Simply follow these steps:

  1. Charge the battery fully before use.
  2. Adjust the handle height to your comfort.
  3. Start the power shovel by pressing the power button.
  4. Push the shovel forward to clear the snow.
  5. Repeat until the desired area is clear of snow.
  6. After use, clean the power shovel and store it in a dry place.

Benefits of the Toro 12 60V MAX* Electric Battery Power Shovel

The Toro power shovel offers numerous benefits that set it apart from traditional snow removal methods. Here are some of its key advantages:

  • Time Saving: With its efficient snow clearing capabilities, the Toro power shovel allows you to complete your snow removal tasks in a fraction of the time compared to manual shoveling.
  • No Gasoline or Oil: Unlike gas-powered snow blowers, the Toro power shovel is completely electric, eliminating the need for messy gasoline or oil refills. Simply charge the battery, and you're ready to go.
  • Quiet Operation: Say goodbye to noisy snow blowers. The Toro power shovel operates quietly, minimizing disruptions to your neighbors or family members.
  • Eco-Friendly: By choosing the Toro power shovel, you're making an environmentally conscious decision. It produces zero emissions and reduces your carbon footprint.
  • Easy Storage: The compact design of the power shovel allows for easy storage in your garage, shed, or even your car trunk, saving valuable space.
  • No More Back Pain: Manual shoveling can take a toll on your back and joints. With the Toro power shovel, you can eliminate the strain and enjoy a pain-free snow removal experience.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Can the Toro power shovel handle heavy, wet snow?

A: Absolutely! The Toro power shovel is designed to handle all types of snow, including heavy and wet snow. Its powerful motor coupled with the sturdy construction ensures efficient snow removal in any conditions.

Q: Does the power shovel require any maintenance?

A: The Toro power shovel is virtually maintenance-free. However, it is recommended to clean the machine after each use and inspect the components for any debris or damage. Regular charging and storage in a dry place will help prolong its lifespan.

Q: Can I use the power shovel on uneven surfaces?

A: Yes, the Toro power shovel is designed to tackle various terrains, including uneven surfaces. Its adjustable handle height allows you to adapt to different conditions and ensure optimal performance.

Purchase the Toro 12 60V MAX* (2.5 ah) Electric Battery Power Shovel Today

Don't let winter slow you down. Get your hands on the Toro power shovel and experience the ultimate snow removal convenience. Visit the Anza Blades website now to place your order and enjoy a stress-free winter.


The Toro 12 60V MAX* (2.5 ah) Electric Battery Power Shovel offered by Anza Blades is a game-changer in the world of snow removal. Its advanced features, efficient performance, and ease of use make it an indispensable tool for homeowners and professionals alike. Say goodbye to back-breaking manual shoveling and embrace the power of technology with the Toro power shovel. Order yours today and take control of winter!

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